Monday, May 20, 2013

Who Reads my Blog?

I see little peaks of what I assume is interest when I tweet that I've written a new blog but no one ever makes a comment. No one ever says, 'hey I read your blog, wouldn't it be cool if you talked about.....' No one ever says 'you've made a typo, this should say....'

I know you're all there lurking. From USA, Russia, Germany, Argentina but none of you say hi.

So anyway, I'm conducting a little experiment with a bribe to sweeten the deal for you.

The first 2 people who comment on this post to say they read my blog will get a FREE coupon HUSSY which is usually priced at $2.99 (available to purchase as an ebook via smashwords). Any one else who makes a comment and says hi within the next 24hrs will get a 67% off coupon, making the book $0.99

HUSSY, if you've forgotten is my second Bruised Boys BDSM Tale and tells the story of josh and his first forced bi experience.

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